Next race takes place in 2018



Run for Life

Next race takes place in 2018, we will announce more information shortly.

Run for life is a charity race arranged in Kenya by MFCBO Sweden. The Run for Life project started 2014 and has donors all over the world.

Earlier years donations has helped us support:
• Madeleine School – Water well project
• Madeleine School – Hydroponics fodder greenhouse project
• Over 1 000 families
• Madeleine School – Water collection project
• Madeleine School – Sewing project
• Madeleine School – Dentist project

Target for 2018

Our target for 2018 is to reach 500 sold race bibs. This will help us maintain earlier projects and to keep the children’s hope alive.

Three questions for you!

Have you ever thought about letting someone else run a race for you but you take the credit?
Have you ever thought about helping someone else, who is poor and struggling to survive?
Have you ever thought about supporting a child’s right to have a proper education?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, this event is THE event you can’t miss.


How it works!

So, this is how it is done. You buy a race bib for someone else, that is easy and it is pretty cheap as well, it is so cheap that you might want to buy more than one race bib. You are most welcome to do that!

80/20 charity

The race bibs you buy are converted into a value of 1 000 shillings each. 200 shillings of these will be given to a runner who completes the race. 800 shillings go to our Madeleine school which supports the community by educating and feeding all pupils in the school.

Surplus possibilities

The $15 might be worth more than KES 1 000. If so, the surplus will be used to maintain this domain, web-site and Madeleine school. If a runner doesn’t appear on time and therefore misses the race, the race bib will be saved to the next race.

Read more about the school project further down on this site.

In the very end of this site you find the race bib store.

If you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail.


MFCBO Sweden (Madeleine Forssberg Community Based Organization)

In 2006, we, Madeleine and Daniel Forsberg, had the privilege to start a school for orphans and poor children in Kenya. Madeleine school is located in a farming district in western Kenya in the outskirts of Bungoma.

Several children come from families with many children. many of the pupils are orphans and they often live with relatives and survival is tough. They live in mud houses with thatched roofs without electricity. When we started in 2006, the school began in rented rooms in small shops and some classes even had to sit outside without roof over their heads.

Today, Madeleine school owns its own land and buildings (mud houses with tin roofs). The school has a kitchen with staff that cooks food for the pupils every day. Electricity was installed late 2014 and a water well is under fundraising.

As you can see many things have happened during the years with help from many donors around the world. The need is endless and we feel we have to keep helping these children and their families.

One of the main ideas of MFCBO Sweden is to help the community and not just the school itself. It is easier than you might think, with small means we can do big things to make life better. Instead of sending pencils from other countries we buy these locally, the same goes for other things that can be bought locally. This is a great example how supporting the school helps to build up the community and that is as important as building a good school.

Since the start in 2006, 100% of all donated money has been used to build and maintain Madeleine school and its organization.


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